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What is a TripleRoot Community?

TripleRoot Community

A community is a supportive network, comprised of members with shared expectations and goals. For TripleRoot merchants, this community is made up of hard-working business owners who want to offer the highest quality service and products to their customers without breaking the bank. The cornerstone of the TripleRoot Community is the idea that, contrary to some of the business tactics you may observe around the globe, a good value does not have to jeopardize quality.

Helping Each Other Grow

TripleRoot offers an exciting program to support each of our merchants in an innovative way. As soon as you become a TripleRoot merchant, you will have instant access to a wide range of discounted services and products offered by other members in the Community. Each merchant can choose whether or not they want to be added to our searchable Synergy database. Merchants will set their own discount rate for their product or service, and these rates can be changed or updated at any time.

In this way, you can enjoy more business from like-minded merchants, AND you can take advantage of exciting discounts by supporting other merchants. Everyone benefits in the TripleRoot Community!

Advertise on TripleRoot

TripleRoot will also be selling prime advertising spaces on our corporate website and in the BackOffice for interested merchants. We are invested in your company, and we want to help your roots flourish so your business can grow healthy and strong year after year!

Deepen the TripleRoot Synergy. If you'd like to see more merchants in the database, you can make that happen! By refering new merchants to TripleRoot, you can eliminate processing fees and start earning residual income every month. And in the meantime, you'll be growing a supportive Community. It's a win-win program!

Get connected, and watch your business thrive!

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