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You are NEVER alone with TripleRoot!

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Just like a strong oak tree is supported by many roots to help it thrive year after year, the life and heart of TripleRoot Synergy is in each unique merchant. Every merchant in the Synergy is an invaluable part of this company, and together we have the potential to help each business grow AND eliminate credit card processing fees.

Root for It!

TripleRoot wants to see every merchant in the Synergy thrive. We have therefore set up two programs that help construct a supportive environment.

TripleRoot Community

The TripleRoot community allows merchants to become part of an inner-circle, where they can receive discounts on the other merchants' services in the Synergy.

TripleRoot Merchant Partner Program (MP)

The One-Rate Program includes a Merchant Partner Program (MP) opportunity to help you eliminate processing fees by referring other merchants to TripleRoot. Find out more about how you can start earning income and eliminating fees today!

We invite you to join our deeply rooted Synergy and discover what everyone is talking about! Experience the connected difference with TripleRoot.

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