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Eliminate Processing Fees Today with the TripleRoot One-Rate Program!

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TripleRoot is leading the pack with this exclusive, simple, and radically smart processing program. With our One-Rate Program, your business will be directly connected to Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and the entire US banking system at a bottom-low, one-rate cost!

TripleRoot One-Rate Processing Program:

  • 10 Basis Points
  • 10¢ Transaction Fee
  • $10 Monthly Minimum
  • $10 Support Fee
  • 10% for Referrals

What is the Interchange Fee?

TripleRoot is a fiercely competitive merchant account with a very low Interchange and transaction fee. The 10 Basis Points (or 0.10%) coupled with the 10¢ Transaction Fee are added to the credit card company's own Interchange to give you a reliably low cost. With TripleRoot Processing, you can easily research how much you will pay, and focus on growing your budding business without the hassle of high markup fees. Please refer to the full Interchange chart here.

Monthly Minimum

The TripleRoot Monthly Minimum ensures that you collect a minimum of $10 in monthly transactions and rate fees. If you collect less than $10, you will then be charged the difference.


It pays to spread the good news of TripleRoot! The good news is, you can take advantage of the One-Rate Program or Match Program - no matter how many referrals you have. You will receive 10% of net revenues on your own business and for each referral. The more merchants you refer who have equal processing volume, the sooner you will be able to off-set your processing costs. This is a great way to eliminate processing fees quickly, earn some extra income, and gain additional business relationships. And since TripleRoot will be conducting the sales call and handling your referral's conversion from their existing merchant account, you won't have to take time away from your business to manage all the minute details.

The Best Rate for You

TripleRoot is confident that the One-Rate Program offers the lowest rates available. However, if you would like to keep your current processing pricing, TripleRoot will match your current rate and still provide you with the ability to start eliminating fees with the referral program.

Anyway you look at it, no one has ever offered a way to eliminate processing fees and start getting paid TODAY!

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