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TTripleRoot offers exciting solutions for merchants who operate retail storefronts. Forget about slow transactions with dial-up terminals! Now you can harness the power of a high speed Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal to instantly authorize customers' orders and provide efficient customer service.

Authorize, close out, and manage your credit card transactions with efficiency, ease, and safety. TripleRoot also provides Point-of-Sale software that can be used with your PC to process credit, debit, check, and gift card transactions.

Here's what TripleRoot Retail can offer your retail company:

  • Apple Pay
  • Speedier Checkout Times
  • Low Cost and Fees, with an opportunity to turn cost into revenue
  • TripleRoot Terminal Program
  • Transaction Monitoring and Review
  • Billing Statements and Reports
  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Fraud Prevention
Electronic Cash Register

TripleRoot Terminal Program

Every TripleRoot merchant is eligible for a POS terminal, credit card terminal, or Electronic Cash Register. Please be sure to look up our cutting edge program to take advantage of this remarkable offer!

We have thought of everything to get your retail business streamlined and effortlessly systematic, so you can focus on what's most important: growing your business and providing excellent service every day!

Need a new POS terminal, credit card terminal, or Electronic Cash Register? Be sure to read about our cutting edge Terminal Program, where you can eliminate the cost of your terminal!

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