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Your goal is to provide your customers with the most convenient and secure service. So why not let them shop anytime, anywhere? In this wireless world, you need a mobile merchant solution that will keep your business relevant and competitive.

TripleRoot's Mobile point-of-sale service allows your customers to pay with their credit card on the go. With a user-friendly compatible device, you can process your customers' credit card payments wherever it is most convenient for them. This is the highest quality customer service available! With a speedy check-out process and unheard of flexibility, your business will have the mobility to go wherever you do, and YOU will have the agility to adapt to your customers' hectic schedules and lifestyles.


This virtual point-of-sale solution will give you maximized versatility. All you need is a compatible wireless PDA or Smartphone, a card-swipe reader and printer, or numerous other third party card swipe software, self-service kiosks, or mobile devices.

There are so many different options to fit every business and personal style. TripleRoot offers the industry-leading NURIT 8000 Wireless payment device by Verifone. This ultra-flexible device is lightweight, fast, and secure. If you're processing payments on the go, this is an excellent choice!

Here's a glimpse at what you'll get with your Mobile Roots:

  • Virtual Terminal
  • Low Cost and Fees, with an opportunity to turn cost into revenue
  • Quick Authorizations
  • Batch Upload
  • Transaction Monitoring and Review
  • Billing Statements and Reports
  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Fraud Prevention

Mobile Security

Your mobile storefront will be just as secure as every other TripleRoot processing service. TripleRoot is deeply committed to keeping your customers' private information safe and secure. We use only the most cutting edge technologies and security standards that help uphold the TripleRoot name. You and your customers will have peace of mind that your private information is kept safe with TripleRoot.

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