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If you're looking for a processing plan to help you save money every month, and the hardware and software you need to make your establishment more efficient, TripleRoot is exactly what you need!

The Perks of Processing with TripleRoot

Harbortouch POS Systems offers an add-on feature that accepts orders online through a customized and branded menu. When a customer orders through your website, a ticket will automatically be generated with your POS system. Convenient for you, convenient for your customers!

TabbedOut Compatibility

Let your customers open a tab from their mobile device, view their tab in real time, and pay at their convenience.


Give your customers the ultimate dining experience! Pay-at-the-Table is now a reality with TripleRoot. We have partnered with Harbortouch to offer pay-at-the-table capabilities with Apple Pay technology and the Perkwave wave. Click here to learn more.


Don't get Squared in! Accept mobile, on-the-go payments with TripleRoot's incredible One Rate plan using HarborPay. HarborPay is a mobile app that allows you to get paid wherever your business takes you. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices (phones and tablets) and comes with a secured encrypted audio jack reader, with end-to-end encryption. This app is also fully integrate with Harbortouch Lighthouse for instant reporting. The best part about HarborPay? It's completely FREE - with no additional monthly fees or transaction fees.

Get a POS Terminal for NO UPFRONT COST!

TripleRoot offers FREE Harbortouch POS Systems, with either a 3 or 5 year service agreement. That means you can save thousands of dollars upfront to receive the best technology in the industry, and start saving money and earning 10% back with TripleRoot immediately. Find out more about our Free POS Program here.

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