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10 million people bought an iPhone 6 the very day it launched.

Apple Pay Harbortouch TripleRoot

Now you can give them the premium service they're looking for:


Apple Pay allows US customers to securely pay their bill from their phone... using their own fingerprint! Pay-at-the-Table is finally a reality, and customers are eagerly looking for places they can use this brand new feature.

Why shouldn't it be YOU?

TripleRoot is so proud to partner with Harbortouch - the very first POS System with Apple Pay compatibility. Now you can be the ground-breaking business owner who attracts all the customers looking for this extremely convenient new technology.



Step 1: Your guest dines at your restaurant

Step 2: He scans the QR code on the bottom of his check using the Perkwave app.

Step 3: He reviews his check and adds a tip for the server

Step 4: He pays with his Apple Pay button, using the Touch ID(TM) sensor.

Step 5: The transaction is automatically processed in your POS System

Apple Pay is for Retail Merchants Too!

Go for contactless payments! Retail customers do not need a specific app to pay for their transactions - just their fingerprint. This brings "speedy checkout' to a whole new level. Customers can watch the progress of their transaction in real time and pay with peace of mind. Get your TripleRoot system today to make Apple customers, YOUR customers!

Free Equipment...It Takes NO UPFRONT COST to Get Ahead of the Game.

TripleRoot makes premium technology affordable. In fact, we make it FREE. Learn how you can get set up today with an Apple Pay-compatible Harbortouch POS System and save thousands of dollars.

Set up Apple Pay and Eliminate Your Credit Card Processing Fees TODAY!

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