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Becoming a TripleRoot Independent Business Owner (IBO) is perfect for anyone with an entrepreneur spirit, because it can be tailored to fit any need and any schedule. This is the ideal opportunity to have a business you believe in that actually works around your life! For instance, the TripleRoot business program is effortlessly suitable for:

  • Full time employment, as your primary income
  • Full time workers who are looking for a supplementary income
  • Retired individuals
  • College students who are interested in starting their own business
  • Anyone who wants to help other merchants find high-quality, affordable solutions for every area of life

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss.

The benefits of becoming an IBO are endless! You can establish a unique working schedule, work from the comfort of your home and save on commuting, set and achieve your own personal goals, and take vacations without asking your boss. This is YOUR business, so you can do it YOUR way!

TripleRoot can help you reach your financial dreams by helping other merchants discover a high quality merchant account and discount company that can help turn out-of-pocket costs into real revenue. And the good news is that your input will directly determine your output. You choose the amount of time to invest in your TripleRoot business, and in this way you are completely in control of the success of the business. Whether your goal is making a little extra cash for "wiggle room" in the budget, finding freedom from debt, saving for a new home, or contributing to a retirement fund, becoming an TripleRoot IBO can help you get there.

You will also expand your business network and build encouraging relationships with other merchants as an IBO. You can establish a positive synergy of like-minded IBOs and merchants, who are passionate about driving down unnecessary business costs and turning it into profit.

  • If you're ready to learn more about becoming a TripleRoot IBO, don't wait another day! This could be the very opportunity you've been searching for.

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