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TripleRoot provides reliable and secure products that you can be proud to represent as an IBO. TripleRoot Processing helps merchants maximize their customer service and efficiency with the merchant account and credit card processing. Learn about our One-Rate Program if you haven't already. Also, TripleRoot Plus supports the subscribers of the discount program to a well-rounded life of overall wellness, security, and joy. These products will enrich your customers' lives and give them the tools they need to exceed their financial and personal goals.

Now that's a company with heart!

Here is a glimpse at the exciting TripleRoot package:

Get connected, and watch your business thrive!
  • No Hidden Charges
  • One-Rate Program
  • FREE Prescription Card, Terminal, ECR or POS System
  • FREE Shipping
  • FREE Merchant Account Set-Up
  • FREE Reprogramming
  • FREE Gateway Set-Up
  • FREE Fraud Control offered
  • Comprehensive Discount Programs for every area of life

Grow the Company's Roots

As an IBO, you will have the opportunity to enroll merchants and other individuals in a customized TripleRoot Processing or TripleRoot Plus program. You can earn income many different ways when you add new members to the TripleRoot family.

After signing up new customers, you will receive:

  • Lifetime residual income
  • Bonuses
  • Up to 80% of TripleRoot's residual share of credit card processing
  • Up to 80% of TripleRoot's residual share of discount programs
  • Team Leader Bonuses
  • Indirect residual income from the sign-ups of the IBOs you sponsored
  • Your own websites to market your business, and a Backoffice Suite to keep you organized and efficient.

Why wait? You can get start now, and show merchants how they can virtually eliminate their processing fees and start building their own wealth from residual income.

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